Student Librarians visit Senate House Library

As part of our Student Librarian programme, we took a selection of our huge team (how would the library run without them all?) on an aspirational trip to see a university library – Senate House Library.

We had a tour of the library, as well as being shown particular items from their  collection to show their range and why different things are kept when others are not. We also learnt a little about what it is like to work there, and the different types of jobs within the organisation.

The building and collection are massive (you can see the tower behind the trees in the photos) and whereas some floors are open to University of London students (and the public!) most of the tower floors are request only by staff, as the shelves are so close together (to fit more books in). The building is often used for films because of its iconic design. It was designed by the same person as our local Southgate tube station!

We are very grateful to members of the library team for taking the time to show us around – Lisa Miller & Richard Espley.


The periodicals room – just one giant room to read journals and periodicals in! If we only had space in our school library!




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