Free books for year 7s!


Our school take part in Bookbuzz, the initiative from the charity Booktrust where each child in Year 7 is gifted a free book!

This is the 2nd free book for year 7 so far – on their year 6 transition day they all got one to take home (provided by HHS) to read over the summer holiday too!

Research shows that children who own books and have books at home, are more likely to read for pleasure – which in turns makes children better at reading and all school subjects. (You can find out more about this research here).

In library sessions, students have been thinking about how to make good choices when picking books, and then putting their skills into practice by ordering their favourite Bookbuzz book. We looked at genre, author, length of book, ability level and many other factors. We also watched film clips of the authors talking about the books.

Hopefully these books will arrive in school in December, so students can take them home to read over the Christmas holiday.

A sample copy of each of the books is available to read in the library for all students.


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