Harry reviews Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz


I first read Stormbreaker, the first book in the action-packed Alex Rider series, at the start of Year 6.It was just sitting there,in the book-section, waiting for someone to pick it up. I finished the book in a few days. Since then i have read the series many times and loved every page and paragraph of it.There are ten books in The Alex Rider Set , including a prequel. StormBreaker is full of good guys,bad guys, cool gadgets, suspense,action, discovery and adventure. The character in the book that really drew me was not Alex Rider, but Herod Sayle, the main baddie and inventor of the supercomputer The Stormbreaker, which in fact held a deadly secret. He drew me because he was oddly described and overall a strange person- he always dresses immaculately; with a black, shiny shirt.
After I Read the Series, i recommended it to practically all my friends. some recommendations have been successful, like when i recommended it to my friend K-ci, and he loved the series almost as much as i did. The book was a blast to read and had me gripped after every paragraph. A fun Young James Bond- like adventure that had me turning the 240 pages faster and faster. When i finished the first book, i was devastated, because i didn’t know anywhere that i could borrow the rest of the series from. Luckily i found out that my local library has every single book in the series. I loved the books so much, i asked if i could have the whole set for my birthday (July 8th). That way i could read the whole set whenever i want.
Now my book-shelf is full up with Horowitz books, not only Alex Rider, but Horowitz horrors, the power of five, the switch, granny…
Anthony Horowitz is, by far, my favorite author. i love his books.
One chapter i especially liked in Stormbreaker was Twelve o’clock. because it had lots of action, suspense, thrills, and exciting events, that make you anxious about whats going to happen to Alex Rider.
The ending is one of my favourite parts, as it leads you into the next book,Point Blanc, with a nice feeling.
When i finished Stormbreaker for the first time, i finished it with a smile. i also Finished it with curiosity- whats going to happen in the next book. I recommend this book to people who like action and adventure novels.
Personally, Alex Rider reminds me of a miniature James Bond. The illustrator is John Blackford, however there are no actual pictures in the book- only the cover picture.
Thank you. i hope you enjoy this review.
Review by Harry Ewing Year 7.
Harry is the most frequent library borrower in Year 7 Sept – Dec 2015.

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