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In January, Ms Swinyard went to a librarian conference in Boston, USA, and one of the librarians she met asked if some of our students would like to become Pen Pals with the children she works with in Oakland, California. Ms Swinyard said “yes!”
19 students in Year 7 signed up to become pen pals with students in California, and we have begun to receive and send our first letters. Our Pen Pals in Oakland go to different schools and meet up regularly in their local library to write letters to us. You can find out more about Oakland Libraries here:
Being a Pen Pal is a fantastic way of practicing extended writing, making friends with someone from another country and finding more about life in America​​. We meet up once a month in the Library to write letters and get ideas on what to write. We’re very excited to get to know each other and see what happens with our connections!
Any other students who might like to have a Pen Pal, please contact the Library.
Here are photos of some of our HHS students (in their grey uniforms) & some of their Pen Pals in Oakland – along with Erica Siskind, the librarian who runs their group.
PPOakland Pen Pals 2016 02 09 (2)

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